Breaking news…

For those of you who have been following this blog so far should know that this poor blog has been through a lot. Name change, address change, tagline change, menu change….Jeez…its a wonder this blog hasn’t taken me to blog jail yet. But we’re starting over now. Turning a new page etc etc…Bringing in interesting stuff.

I gave this some serious thought. Then one fine morning, someone who has been reading my crazy FB  posts suggested that I should put all the crazy stuff that happens in my life as a writer into a blog. Let me tell you, it was a light bulb moment.

So here we are.

Occasionally you may find a blog post to support a fellow author or a good review. But mostly this will be all about stuff that happens in my insanely normal life as a writer. The people I meet, ideas I get, troubles I overcome ***cough***(mess I escape through pure luck.)

Join me. I guarantee it will be a fun ride.






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