Put out this fire please…

This is not something that happened to me. It happened to a fellow romance writer who happens to be a friend of a friend of a friend.

The story goes that this particular woman was waiting for bus in a stop, which happened to be just opposite the central city fire station. As she waited- alone, I should add- she heard a bell and the three huge doors across from her slid upward to let three fire trucks in. And out came a dozen or so firemen, covered in soot, looking hawt as hell.

Now, our writer has a weakness for firefighters and she was coincidentally writing a book about a firefighter in a small town. To get some tips on firefighting techniques, -oh, who am I kidding-mainly to indulge in some quality man-candy, she braved into the fire station.

The rest of the story goes that all the firemen were so amused by her explanation, they took off their shirts and posed for her.

I hear the woman near-fainted and is still nursing a serious case of hot-men-itis.

This is what I call as Lucky to be in right place at the right time.


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