Clean bowled by an old ducky…

black catToday’s blog post is about a life lesson. The following incident taught me never to take anything at face value.

So, I met this elderly gentleman in K-mart photo centre yesterday. Must have been in his late seventies, early eighties. A Frail soul. He was staring longingly at two pictures of a black cat on the computer screen. Me being a Nosy Nelly figured he may have lost his long term pet and decided to cheer him up.
A few minutes into the conversation he went, “Well, I thought if I printed this pictures on canvas and hung it on the bloody bedroom wall, it will get her off my back.”
“Get who off your back?”
“My wife. Ever since I ran my car over her cat, she’s been a real pain.”
Me as a woman know the hidden power of nagging and its effects on men. So I knew his wife must have bugged the hell out of him for him to make a decision to spend his precious pension money on such a gift. I felt sorry for the poor guy.
“Surely it was an accident. She must know that,” I added sympathetically.
At this point, he  flashed his false teeth and wiggled his salt and pepper brows at me. “Is that what you think, luv?”
I frowned.”I don’t get it.”
“It was an accident alright. A happy accident,” he finished with a flourish and an air quote. “The stupid cat had it coming for a long time.”
Did you hear that? That’s the sound of my jaw hitting the floor.
Life lesson 101 = Just because he looks like Santa doesn’t mean he is nice as Santa.



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