High heels+ climbing pole= Sore tailbone

crazy authorMost people have this feeling that writers are quiet, mousy, indoorsy types. A group of weirdos who lounge around in stained jammies. Someone who is so socially inept, she will make cat lady look like a social butterfly. They’re all wrong. (The point about pajamas being a writer’s official uniform-We’ll get back to that bit later.)

Now, we’ll discuss about the fact that some writers, not all, are over-the-top brave, adventurous creatures. Some like to get their hands dirty in order to get their stories right. To make a story or character appear real, some writers will go to any lengths.

Unfortunately, I belong to such a breed. Or I thought I belonged to one.

This happened while I was writing my story- Owned by Hell. My character Hope jumps out a moving truck and rolls down a hill. I wanted to know her pain level, also figure out the best way she can land without breaking her neck. But I was too much of chicken to try out jumping from a moving car. Plus, there are laws against this kind of madness, I hear. Anyways, I decided to do the next best thing. There is a children’s park next to my apartment. I dragged my BFF there one night, climbed on a climbing pole in my pointy shoes (despite her warnings), and leaped. Unlike Hope, I wasn’t able to curl my body into a foetal position to reduce the impact of my fall. I fell on my bottom, like a star fish, hitting my tail bone in the process.

Hope is a Shielder whose body works magic and heal the wounds in matter of hours. Me, being a pesky mortal and all, had to sport mine for about two weeks.

It was a learning curve- on how not to fall..



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