There was an idiot who booked a ticket…

Okay, the following incident is going to make me look like a dumbass moron. But since I promised my readers full honesty in this revamped version of my blog, I have to write it as it happened.

Night has fallen, but as the moon has not yet risen, the landscape looks harsh and dismal as we speed along the national highway. After enduring two hours of terse and stifling silence, not to mention covert hostile glances, we reach the fortress, a sanctuary of gleaming marble and glittering jewels set amidst a lesser-known section of the rolling Thar Desert. The car winds through the red sandstone-paved courtyard lined with mature golden palms, and comes to a rolling stop before one of the four arched entrances that will lead us to the assembly hall. A warm desert wind blows in as I step out into the courtyard, dragging the scents of sand and night jasmine past us.”-This bit here is a snippet from my book- Soul Reaper’s mate.

Now, the things about this book, its mostly set in India-Thar desert in India to be precise. I have never been to that part of India before. Yet, for some strange, deluded reason, I decided to set my story there. My character demanded it. Obviously this required research, meticulous planning, folders after folders full of images and notes about the sun-kissed desert plains, the marble palaces, the village folks etc etc. Not to mention all those hours spent watching the Bollywood movies that portrayed them ever so beautifully.

I got so wrapped up in the story that at one point I talked myself into actually going there. To live and breathe in the air where my main protagonist grew up. To get a feel of the land and the beauty of the culture.

Onto cyberspace to hunt for a airline ticket.

After hours of plotting the routes and flights and stop-overs, I finally hit gold. With one stop over in Singapore, then another in Chennai, I would get to my destination through a semi-respectable airline at the lowest price my savings could afford. Joy. Joy. Filled with bubbling excitement, I didn’t bother to double to check the credibility of the third party website offering this cheap deal. I hit the ‘buy’ button faster than I could say “Hasta-la-vista-baby.”

All good. Date set. Bags packed. News spread through all social medias possible. (Hey, this was a big deal for me.)

Then it happened.

A death in the family. There was no way I could go at that point.

My thoughts- Its a simple matter of  ringing up the airlines to change the dates.


Back to the third party.

A whole load of intense BLT- beg, lament, threat.

The solution- $400 as penalty for not travelling on the date agreed. Then another couple of hundred for changing the dates.

Me: Not a happy Jan!



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