It all started with a toaster…

toasterAs every household, we too have one. Ours was probably made BDE (Before Dinosaur Era). Every time it pops out a toast, it wheeze, cough and makes a noise as if someone is trying to strangulate it’s throat. On good days, we get semi-eatable toasts. On bad days, it electrocutes us for daring to switch it on.

You must be wondering why we kept this nuisance if it was giving us too much trouble. Because it had a sentimental value. Not to me, to my partner. Hang on, don’t go thinking it as a gift from his dear old Nan or his late great, great aunt. It was a gag gift he won during his first office X-mas party. Anyways, grinding my teeth in frustration, I’ve been tolerating it’s presence for years.

Until day before yesterday.

Things took a turn for worse when I tried to make a toast before my  mad morning rush. My finger got electrocuted, my pride took a hit, and my breakfast was ruined. Enough was enough. I grabbed the toaster, and without a second thought, chucked it in the garbage bin.

Peace. Quiet. Satisfaction.

It didn’t last long though. Thanks to certain traitors in my own household, partner got a whiff of the toaster murder within moments. I had barely returned from hiding the murder evidence, when he came stomping in.

That was just the beginning.

Day 1 : Arguments reached a fever pitch. I reacted by switching off the WiFi. Since I hold the key to the cyber space travel (meaning WiFi password),  he hit the roof. I considered round one a victory.

Day 2: He retaliated by hiding my Kindle reader. That thing was my baby. We had a connection no one else could remotely comprehend. I immediately began to feel the withdrawal symptoms. It was a Profound loss to me. As you may have gathered-He won round 2.

Day 3: His electric shaver has gone mysteriously missing. No trace whatsoever. He and I both know who is responsible. I am now left to wait with bated breath for his reaction.

Just to make things more interesting, I’ve also bought a brand new toaster, stuck a big smiley face on it and left it on the kitchen benchtop for him to use.

All that left to do is wait.

—-Just a normal day from my not-so-normal household !!!





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